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When we started this company it was to better help our clients meet all their compliance needs. To do this, it was necessary to build an environment that is inclusive, rewarding, and driven by integrity for all.

We could not have imagined our company would enter this world during a world-wide pandemic. This type of scenario is not part of the curriculum at the universities; however, we are willing to bet that will change quickly enough. For us, failure was not an option. We went back to the drawing board and figured out the best way for us to remain relevant while keeping our costs down. Thanks to the help from friends, family, clients, and many others within our network, we are happy to say we are still here and plan on being here for the long haul.

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Laura Otto


When Laura is not hiking, tubing or kayaking on a mountain somewhere, or in general soaking up nature, she is reading and learning worldwide perspectives on historical events. This encourages her desire to travel and meet people from around the world while experiencing their culture firsthand. 

Laura studied accounting at WGU and has worked in the accounting and tax field for over 12 years. Laura’s love of travel and meeting so many people from many different cultures, led to the recognition of the need for more experienced tax and accounting professionals concentrated within the international tax system. Laura places her emphasis on helping her clients with their international tax compliance within the U.S. However, Laura is not limited to international tax compliance only. She is very well versed in business and individual tax, accounting, planning needs, as well as IRS, state, and local representation.

 Laura looks forward to working with you and helping you understand your present while building a bigger and brighter future.

About Us
About Us

Ryan Price


Ryan received his BS in accounting from Central Washington University in 2004 and has been working in the tax and accounting field since 2005. Ryan likes to place emphasis on helping his clients with their business and individual tax, accounting, and financial planning needs, while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local filings.

Ryan is happily married with one son. Ryan’s wife, when not busy caring for her husband and son, stays busy caring for others’ children as an elementary school counselor. Ryan and his family enjoy spending time together watching and playing sports, to include soccer, golf, football, as well as engaging in a friendly game of chess. They have the travel bug, with one of their favorite travel spots being Hawaii. Also, they recently welcomed a new member to their family when they adopted a goldendoodle named Kula.

Our Partners

We work closely with a number of local professionals who we trust.